More lead found in baby foods than in regular food

More lead found in baby foods than in regular food

"Protecting children's ability to learn and thrive demands that we find effective ways to reduce exposures to lead from all sources", the report read. All the baby food samples tested did not exceed the FDA's swallowable lead levels, but due to the idea that the present standards do not portray the modern scientific discoveries about possible health risks especially in children, FDA is at the point of rechecking its standards.

A report found detectable levels of lead in 20 percent of baby food samples compared to other foods. The study does not mention the brand of each sample. The EDF evaluated all types of food, but paid special attention to certain types of baby food because of the vulnerability infants have with lead.

"Little things matter: a little bit of lead in everything you eat, adds up to a lot of lead in your diet", he explained.

In 2012, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its recommendation on lead content for kids, saying that there is no safe level.

The findings come from data collected in the FDA's annual survey of foods, called the Total Diet Survey, which the agency has run since the 1970s.

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The source of the lead in baby food remains unclear.

EDF says baby food versions of apple and grape juice and carrots had samples with higher levels of lead than the regular versions.

Although lead, a naturally occurring element, is found in all parts of our environment, there is no safe level of exposure, according to the U.S.

The Environmental Defense Fund is pushing for manufacturers to voluntarily put a limit of 1 ppb of lead in baby food and children's food, and is recommending that companies test their products for frequently to ensure that lead levels remain low.

As for what we can do to avoid it: Neltner encouraged parents to contact their favourite brands and ask what they're practices are and make them aware of the problem. The major source of lead exposure in U.S. children is paint, in the forms of paint chips and dust from aging housing.

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The FDA says the administration set a maximum daily lead intake of six micrograms, which is being reviewed, saying on its website, "lead is in food because it is in the environment and lead can not simply be removed from food".

It's not clear how lead is showing up in baby food. Carrots for babies, on the other hand, had three more chances of having lead than the regular versions. What is most worrying about this is the fact that researchers can't tell where the lead comes from.

EDF's report lists several recommendations for the FDA, including updating its current limits and food safety guidelines as well as making absolutely clear that the worldwide standards for fruit juice "are inadequate". Parents should also have their children tested for lead, tell them to wash their hands often - especially before eating and sleeping, clean their toys and feed them healthy snacks such as yogurt, cheese slices and whole grain crackers, World Health Organization advises.

But lead in paint and drinking water shouldn't fall by the wayside, Neltner said.

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