Dennis Hastert out of federal prison

Dennis Hastert out of federal prison

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) has been released from a Minnesota federal prison where he served 13 months for a bank fraud conviction linked to his effort to hide his past sexual abuse of teenage boys, USA Today reported. He still has another month of time to serve, according to the BOP.

His inmate number with the Bureau of Prisons is 47991-424.

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Scott Cross, who testified at Hastert's sentencing hearing that Hastert abused him as a teen, said Tuesday that he didn't ask to be notified of Hastert's release from prison and remains intent on moving on with his life. The Illinois Republican admitted to sexually abusing underage boys while he worked as a high school teacher and coach. Hastert's release date is listed as August 16. According to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons website, Hastert has been moved to the Residential Reentry Management field office in Chicago, likely meaning he will be moved to a halfway house or home confinement for the last weeks of his time in custody.

Still, prosecutors could not charge Hastert with sexual abuse because the statutes of limitations had long run out.

Technically, Hastert was brought down for violating federal banking laws. "They looked to me, and I took advantage of them". He pleaded guilty to illegally structuring bank withdrawals to avoid reporting where he was sending funds as part of the $3.5 million settlement. But he says federal authorities "got him on what they could". He sat in a wheelchair during his sentencing and used a walker to deliver a statement.

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"What I did was wrong, and I regret it", Hastert said at sentencing of his former student athletes.

Cross, a former wrestler, testified that he was abused when he was in the school locker room. At least four other individuals made the same allegations.

The disgraced former U.S. House speaker now enters a post-prison phase that includes intensive court-ordered sex-offender treatment created to ensure he never again poses a risk to children.

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