No Man's Sky Receives Major Overhaul in Update 1.3 Atlas Rises

No Man's Sky Receives Major Overhaul in Update 1.3 Atlas Rises

For its one year anniversary, Hello Games has released the third free update to the game, with the largest amount of new content to date.

The much-discussed game, which has divided the gaming community over its final product and whether or not it delivered on its promise of a near endless universe, has added a raft of new features in an update called Atlas Rises. While Hello Games admits that "interaction with others is now very limited", you can still communicate with one another through proximity-based VoIP.

You'll need to be in exactly the right places for this to happen however, so don't expect just to bump into people on the fly. But now, portals that can fast travel you to different planets are a reality.

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There's tons more to the update, from better dogfighting to low-level planetary flight (and dogfighting!), improved interfaces, depth of field and on and on, which can be read about over on the No Man's Sky page dedicated to it.

No Man's Sky's Atlas Rises update is expected to land later today.

New lore and interactions have been added too, fleshing out the truth behind the original mysteries including the Abandoned Building logs, the World of Glass, the Sentinels, the Redemption of the Gek and the meaning of 16. The bad news is that you won't be able to do much with these players.

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Other additions will include crashed freighters to loot, terrain editing, and the ability to summon your ship if you get a little lost.

Additionally, the first big change players will notice in No Man's Sky is the graphical overhaul. The developer has also expanded upon the existing fetch-quest-style missions with "constantly generated" missions that are "unique and rewarding". With the new trade goods being added in and a tiered crafting system, players could essentially supply and demand as they see fit across the stars. In this case, the changes are centered around planets and their biomes, with new "exotic planet types" popping up as you approach the galactic core. Hello Games have already teased a more function co-op multiplayer in a future update and they are calling this integration of online multiplayer as the first step towards this direction.

Needless to say, that's hardly an ideal multiplayer experience for those who have stuck with a game that fell well short of expectations.

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