Admittance of refugees in 2015 was an`humanitarian exception'- Merkel

Admittance of refugees in 2015 was an`humanitarian exception'- Merkel

"I've already mentioned Martin Schulz at least once so that you wouldn't say that", Merkel responded, when asked about her reticence.

Merkel, whose conservatives have a double-digit lead over the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) in polls ahead of the September 24 elections, also ruled out a coalition with Germany's far-left Left party.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has reaffirmed Tuesday the EU's commitment to a refugee deal with Turkey, despite recent political disagreements between Ankara and European capitals.

Merkel sharply condemned a remark by a top AfD leader that her government's integration commissioner could be "disposed of in Anatolia", a name for the eastern part of Turkey.

Venezuela's Maduro vows to punish opponents for United States sanctions
The sanctions bar U.S. banks for making new deals with the Venezuelan government or the country's state run oil company. Any economic sanctions , however mild, increase the risk of a default on Venezuela's ballooning debt.

"It was important and right that we took people in back then in this exceptional situation, and is also right that we must find long-term, sustainable structures", Merkel told reporters in Berlin. This center would be in Egypt, a transit country for migrants striving to reach Europe. I know that the problem of youth unemployment has not been overcome but with these figures we are in a much better position than we were 2-3 years ago.

In an interview with national broadcaster ZDF, Merkel said Germany allows plaintiffs to bundle lawsuits against financial companies and the same rights could be offered to auto buyers if done right.

Seeking a fourth term, Merkel has had to contend with loud and sustained heckling on her campaign trail from demonstrators strongly opposed to her refugee policies.

Her comments came despite the fact that millions of refugees arriving in Germany since 2015 have led to major divisions in German society over the issue and led to the rise of the anti-immigrant party, Alternate for Deutschland (AfD). Libya, Chad and Niger are all transit nations for migrants bound for Europe.

Sebastian Gorka gone from White House
Keep in mind multiple sources, including White House officials, have said that Gorka didn't resign but was in fact pushed out.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who hosted the summit, called the gathering the most effective and far-reaching migration meeting in months, though many details remained undetermined, the Associated Press reported.

Subsequently, her party CDU won only 17.6% of the vote in Berlin state elections, down 6% from the previous 2011 election - its "worst-ever result" - since the end of World War II.

Opposition has been particularly staunch in her home region in former communist east Germany. Independent journalism is a basic pillar of democracy that can "never be questioned, even when it is uncomfortable", she had said. Warsaw's national conservative government says its reforms are about making courts more efficient and democratic and, in a letter to the commission this week, "in line with European standards".

Yankees, Tigers brawl after Miguel Cabrera hit by pitch
Ausmus said he was most surprised by the light suspension given to Sanchez, who threw two punches at players pinned on the ground. Fulmer looked like he might be hurt after throwing that pitch, and he was checked by the trainer before staying in the game.

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