Destiny 2 Director Defends New Shader System As "Ongoing Reward For Playing"

Destiny 2 Director Defends New Shader System As

Meanwhile, details about the game's first ever #Nightfall Strike has been released.

In their weekly report Bungie stated that "Millions" of Guardians are already playing the game, which seems to suggest that the game has already been deemed a success.

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Destiny 2 Players Fume Over One-Time-Use Shaders (And Microtransactions)

But that's not where the list of issues ends.

Working much more like a traditional open-world game map, Destiny 2 easily lets you mark activities that you want to walk to, lets you fast-travel closer to that location, and notifies you when time-based public events (in which groups of strangers can work together to overcome an intimidating threat) are happening anywhere in the area. "We are investigating players on PlayStation 4 receiving errors indicating permissions to access online multiplayer may have changed", posted the Bungie Help account. So, the solution would be to simply disconnect your network cable, and put it back in after a few minutes. We totally know what we're making and who we're making it for, and how to do it.

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There are even more internet connection issues that occurred. The challenges include Unbroken where players need to complete Nightfall with three deaths or less. It started out with me not being able to get out of the first room in the very first mission without being kicked to the choose character screen. He got on board because he wanted to be a part of what was next, and what came next was Destiny. Now I can't connect to the destiny servers and I keep on getting an error every time I take 10 steps into the room.

Earlier in the week, Bungie announced via Twitter that the game's Clan Features will be delayed. But as positive as the internet's reaction to the game has been, there is one issue that has a significant portion of the community up in arms. I have open NAT and all connection is good. "I just killed this group of enemies half an hour ago!"

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However, Destiny fans are not strangers to the controversial struggle between players and developers.

You can also turn in planetary materials and tokens to NPC's in order to receive experience with them. "We expect more players to join our ranks in the days and weeks that will follow".

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